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We Are Lucky to Have Urgent Care

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Washington urgent care

Think about the fact that any moment in our daily lives something could go wrong with our bodies! Then think about the scary thought that only 29% of primary doctors have after hours coverage. This is crazy, but It really makes you appreciate the services of urgent care doctors. It is always important to know where the closest urgent care doctor is to your home, in case something were to go wrong during a time when your doctor is not available.

In some states, these 24 hour urgent care centers are able to prescribe medicine right there onsite at the point of care to ensure that the patient will receive the prescription before they leave the center. This is a

All the Single LadiesDo Not Attempt to Move Solo, Hire Some Movers!

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Last week I hired a few long distance movers to help me with moving all of my stuff from New York to Virginia. Moving is not usually a big deal unless you have no friends or family, or you are single. In my case I had plenty of friends and family, but they were all in Virginia already and no one had the time to drive all the way up, help me load up a van, drive all the way back down, and then help me with the much more arduous unloading process.

I briefly considered pods but then I ultimately ruled them out. I did not have a lot of stuff, and I did have a lot of free time. Hiring mover